Cool HomeStay was founded in 2007 based on our first hand experience as a tourism promoter for one of the less explored holiday location’s  in India. The last few years, has given us a better understading of the needs of tourism sector,  enabling us to respond to the market demands. This website is one of the key initiatives, amongst many others we are working on.

We have noticed that for many tourists deciding on a good holiday location is normally quick, however narrowing down on a good place to stay has been time consuming and fraught with questions. As always, reservations during peak holiday seasons have continued to be difficult and when available has raised questions about reliability of the place and the money’s worth. To date, our own experiences about holiday locations have been mixed, ranging from accommodations not worth mentioning, to the ones which are rated average and incredibly good ones. In the process, we have recognized that as much as a tourist yearns for a good place for a holiday, there are equally wonderful hosts who are willing to share their guest houses, cottages, food and culture alike. It is therefore our privilege to connect the two ends… you the guest ,with us the host.

In the last 12 months, we have had the pleasure of serving over 1500 guests at some of our best holiday accommodations in Southern India. Each of our accommodations has doubled up as a holiday location, offering you the choice of participating in a wide array of local activities that help you relax, rejuvenate and recharge. By being sensitive and selective, we have ensured each of our holiday accommodations offer you more privacy, connects your mind with the soul, is reasonably priced and overall, gives you an experience which is qualitative and purposeful. While we continue working with property owners to build a unlimited number of quality holiday locations and importantly provide enhanced levels of guest services, we welcome you to choose from some of the beautiful holiday locations, handpicked for  you.


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