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Coonoor Homestay

Coonoor town is 18 kms from ooty. The connecting road between ooty and Coonoor is little narrow road and its lot of traffic. Coonoor is majorly into Tea estates. Many of the tea brokers stay in Coonoor. Major Tea is exported to other countries. Still the Tea Auctions goes on. Tea Industry has come down and the prices are dipped down. There are several factors where no one can guess what’s the exact reason is why the tea prices are coming down.

teaTea as Industry and its operations
There are many Tea estates some are run by companies and some are individuals who maintain the tea plantations.

Companies run tea estates where they will be holding some hundreds of acres of land. They will have their own territory; they will have their houses in plantations. Each estate use to have several employees for different operation of plantations. They have built houses for their employees in the estate. Several building of different category will be there in hundreds of acres. They will have their own hospital, school, entertainment club etc. All these colonies were established when British people were ruling the country.

Each company will have directors, Managers, supervisors, Field officer and employees. Company estates provide colonial cottages for the Directors and for the mangers. All these cottages use to be in good location where it will have lovely garden in back and front, and good views. Each estate will have at least 3 to 4 cottages. They have houses for workers.

Slump in the Tea industry
since the tea industry has come down, many of the workers are moved to plains in search of jobs or for good education for their children or health problem and several other reasons. Now many of the estates are with less number of employees. It’s very difficult to maintain and run the tea estates. Also one of the reason is mechanization of plucking leaves has reduced manual skilled labors.

Why the cottages and houses were converted to Coonoor homestay:

mangotreeTo maintain the cottages and house of labour where no one is staying will be a huge cost. Many of the buildings are in dilapidated state. Its huge waste and loss of asset. Many owners and companies decided to run as Coonoor homestay. They opened their cottages for public to come and stay. The guest will be treated by the cottage caretaker. Also the guest staying in Coonoor homestay will get a experience of tea estate stay. Even the labour lines which were under dilapidated state were given polish and made room for the guest to stay. It will be rustic, the room door heights will be very small, it will be different experience to stay in such room in mid of tea garden.

Activities at Coonoor homestay:

birdMany Coonoor homestay offer activities like tea tasting, Tea factory visity, tea garden plantation trip, Trekking, nature walk, bird watching , camp fire and other indoor games.

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